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The Memory Sessions are completely free of charge. I can only take so many of these every year as the editing takes a long time and they are gifted by me. 

I lost my Nanna 2 years ago and my baby was only 3 months old, when she passed away I found myself adding her to every image I took. My heart was truly broken and I was trying to fill it somehow. 

The truth is no image will ever do that, but it did give me comfort as these images of her were exactly how I imagined she would be if she was truly there. 

I realised that I was blessed to be able to do this for myself and I would like to offer it to other people too. 

You will be invited to the studio or the session can take place at your home (home is providing you do not have a cat, bird or spray any perfume products) and the whole set up will work around your image of your loved one. 

I will need the image (send whatever you have so I can choose the best one) and I will plan the whole session around your image. 

I will discuss with you their passions, hobbies, and just what they were like as a person so we can create a beautiful image that you can proudly hang on your wall. 

Once you have been to the studio for your session I will work my magic on Photoshop to create your art work. Once it has been completed it will be send to you via email. 

Please apply here for a memory session. 

Please do not be offended if you aren't chosen this time, you can apply every 3 months.

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